Based in Lahore, Pakistan Textile is a full-service Apparel Manufacturing and Sourcing Agency offering fashion brands consulting expertise in apparel sourcing, manufacturing, and merchandising.

Its production facilities are situated in the hub of Textile Industries near Lahore (Pakistan) and are equipped with the most advanced stitching facility, fabric sourcing, and high-tech embellishments support.

  • Leather/cashmere

Pakistan’s leather industry, is the second-largest export industry after textiles, contributing around 5.4% to exports in 2020, Sangam apparel have edge on sourcing leather garments and made-ups from tanning to stitching up to customer requirements.


Managing everything from customer services to distribution, Pakistan Textile simplifies the ordering process for fashion brands across the world.

We play a role as a mediator between our clients and the apparel manufacturers in Pakistan, dedicating ourselves to sourcing the required apparel with the best price and on-time delivery.


Involved in all stages of the supply-chain, we provide total quality management and  significantly shorter lead times to make the best use of quick response strategy.

With the advantage of geographical positioning to major markets and necessary infrastructure, we offer high flexibility and faster reactivity to market developments.


We have a wide range of resources and partnerships with the apparel manufacturers based in Pakistan who are the leaders in their fields with the reliable production techniques and experience.

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Our Services.

Managing everything from customer services to distribution, Sangam Apparel simplifies the ordering process for fashion brands across the globe.

Apparel Sourcing

Sangam Apparel provides its clients with cutting-edge fashion trends and quality materials, covering all kind of product ranges.

Hotel Textile

We guarantee top quality, easy care, and long life as well as an exciting mix of attractive designs and collections.

We have been supplying our goods to major hotels & spas all over Pakistan.


We have the opportunity to source different type of fabrics and new fabric innovations for your season design developments.


Our self proven experience in promotional items with our quick response, quality assurance and on time delivery, put us among a few worldwide preferred suppliers. Promotional textile items such as; caps ,towels, bathrobes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, polar fleece etc.

Leather / Cahsmere

We are proud to source outstanding lingerie items. Please combine weight, size, construction, quality and type according to your needs and we can assure to deliver your orders on agreed delivery terms with quality assurance.

Tailor Made

Sangam Apparel has a wide range of resources and partnerships with the manufacturers who are the leaders in their fields with reliable production techniques, capabilities, and experience. With our experienced tailors, we offer you high-quality products with perfect workmanship.